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About Us

We Live On The Corner Of Technology & Critical Thinking

Our firm uses INVENIAS. It is the only industry endorsed (AESC) executive search software in the world. INVENIAS helps our firm to be efficient, and targeted in our approach to search. With over 26,000 contacts in our database and 17 years of history on them, we have a strong foundation to begin most search assignments. We are proficient at harnessing the power of leading edge executive search technology and converging it with our critical thinking and our unapologetically honest, deep, intuitive, extensive executive search experience, to deliver superior candidates to you.

 Human Capital Advisory

Adding an SME in HR leadership, strategy, planning, ESG among other core human relations strengthens Johnstone Ritchie ability to support our clients while strengthening the search practice. Recognizing talents, working with clients to reach the next levels of their corporate evolution provides the type of value that Boards and Executives are seeking for their companies.


We Keep Tabs On Emerging Leaders

Finding emerging leaders in today’s world is challenging. Many top employees tend to be motivated by a combination of compensation and leisure time. For them, climbing the corporate ladder and putting another notch in their career belt isn’t important. Combine this with the significant number of “baby boomer” retirements and it’s a well-known fact that there is a shortage of qualified leaders for companies to pass the torch to. So if the candidate pool for emerging leaders is shrinking, how do you find them?

One of the best ways is to have worked for them as a client. Directly recruiting them is also important. We do both. Our partners aren’t just rainmakers, selling search to clients. As a boutique executive search firm, we take a hands on approach to all search assignments. This improves response time and reduces the probability of important details “falling through the cracks”. The process is usually faster and our fees are very competitive.

In today’s competitive economic climate, anytime you can cut costs without affecting quality, why wouldn’t you do it?

We Are Masters Of Executive Search

What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – Albert Einstein

If you are letting another poor performing staff member go because they are a bad hire, or someone left your company after only being there a short period of time, maybe it’s time to examine your hiring practices. Using LinkedIn, and an internal recruitment team  doesn’t always work.

  • How much personal equity is this costing you?
  • How much did the search itself cost?
  • How much did you spend on training?
  • How many other staff resigned because of “that” person?

Our business model is based on building long-term relationships with just a few clients, which translates into a larger number of companies from which we can recruit candidates. This maneuverability gives us, and our select clients, a distinct advantage. The result is over 800 executive search assignments successfully completed since 2002.

Knowledge may get you to the threshold of a good hire, but a Master of Executive Search gets you through the door.

What Executive Search Issue Can We Help You Solve?

We’ve seen a lot in 40 years of executive search.

We strive to be a trusted advisor and can counsel you and work with you to devise an innovative solution for your executive search or recruitment problem.

Give us a call to learn more about how we can help.

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